The last step in finishing your wedding day style is getting your wedding manicure. Wedding nails are a crucial component of your overall appearance, despite the fact that it may seem like a little consideration. Your hands will be the centre of attention and be photographed throughout the day, from exchanging rings to posing with the bouquet and cutting the cake, therefore it is crucial to consider them to complete your image.

Hints for getting ready your hands and nails

1- A few days before the wedding, get your nails done.

The nicest thing to happen to bridal nails was permanent polish. Immediately dry and ideal for weeks? Indeed, it truly is a dream come true. However, they begin to lose their lustre after a few days. To avoid any imperfections or wear on your nails, have your manicure just one or two days prior to the wedding.

2 -Experiment with various polish tones.

Why not try on multiple nail polishes the same way you often try on multiple dresses? Remember that different skin tones respond better to different colours. For instance, if you have olive skin, consider poppy red nail paint rather than pink for a more attractive tint.

3-Keep your nails clipped at home.

For the best possible photos, cuticle and hand care are crucial. Skin doesn’t mend in a matter of days. Therefore, months of preparation are required. Although very professional, nail procedures don’t produce magical results. You cannot expect to have Instagram-worthy bridal hands in an hour if you arrive at your date with chewed nails and torn cuticles. Make a concerted effort to stop biting your nails if you are aware that you do it frequently in the months before your wedding. Also crucial: always moisturise your hands, use an exfoliant, and wear sunscreen.

4-Be cautious when using nail art for the first time.

Your wedding day is not the time to try with nail art if you are not a girl of glitter and embellishments. Choose a colour you’ve already tried or a classic style (a French manicure for example).

Enamel that is permanent, but what about extensions?

Your natural nails can be lengthened at the nail salon if they can’t grow long enough for the wedding day or if they break easily when they do. The extensions are made of a mixture of liquid and powder that solidifies to form a coating on the native nail, providing a tiny surface to which enamel may be applied. It goes on for about three weeks. You could take some time to adjust if you’re not used to them.

Wedding nail trends

  • Because they won’t take attention away from the ring or bouquet, neutral tones are a traditional choice for weddings. A manicure in neutral tones will be the ideal finishing touch to complete your look, regardless of the time of the wedding or the colour schemes of your wedding theme.
  • Another fantastic option for bridal manicures that adds a little flair rather than being basic is glittery nail polish. Your white wedding dress will look stunning in a sparkling champagne or iridescent crystal tint, and they will add even more sparkle to images as the light hits them. Do not misuse the glitter, please. This would be unnecessarily distracting and obscure the wedding ring.
  • On your wedding day, if you really must add a splash of colour to your nails, we advise doing so carefully and sensibly with a hue that isn’t too striking or distracting. Playing with colours is a wonderful option if you want to showcase your individual flair or if you want to stand out as a bridesmaid.
  • Consider include a message in your nail design. We provide three highly creative ideas that have very special handcrafted elements that will certainly captivate your hands and stick in your memory forever.