The type of football bet you must choose if you want to win money when betting


In football betting, there are many different types of bets, such as Asian football bets, 1×2 bets, vibration bets, Over/Under, Corner bets, and even yellow cards, Red cards also appear…  Players usually prefer to choose Asian football or Over/Under due to the dramatic and balanced nature of this type of bet. However, these are two types of bets that are very difficult to play and often cause us to lose. So what kind of bet is easy to play, easy to make money on? Let’s learn with betting experience on this site

The type of bet you must choose if you want to win money

Which type of bet is the easiest to win among the many different types of football bets offered? The answer is 1×2—the type of bet that most players will ignore. The reason is that, compared to Asian football bets, players need to collect all the information about the bet, follow the match situation, the score… The 1×2 bet only requires you to choose one of the three winning possibilities: lose, draw, or a tie. But in football, especially in national leagues, there are often a few stronger teams than the rest, making their win rate very high.

Therefore, choosing the winning team in unequal matches will prove to be very easy, and from there you can completely make money from football betting. However, what comes with the ease of 1×2 is that the payout ratio is low, and the profit is not too much. But accumulating small to large, or investing a large amount of capital still gives you enough profit that you need.

Granted, in 1×2, we should choose a strong team to improve our chances of winning, but unfortunately, we still need some experience to avoid losing. Here are a few useful experiences for you when playing 1×2.

The first is that you need to determine that you will make money from many different matches. Each match you participate in must have the same amount of bets to avoid the case of having a small bet but losing a big bet.

The second is that the match you choose must be one in which there is a large level difference between the two teams. And of course, always choose the top door.

The third is that you do not need to care much about the ratio of money to eat more or less because eating less or eating more is all eaten.

Fourthly, for 1×2 bets, carefully study the head-to-head record and recent performance, which are the two factors to decide whether the top team is likely to happen or not? In case the head-to-head record of the upper hand compared to the bottom door is equal or worse, the match is ignored. Similarly, if the top team’s performance is showing signs of going down, ignore it.

If you can adhere to the 4 experiences above, the possibility of you winning is very high when participating in 1×2 betting. In the end, I wish you all the best.